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Full Color Products and Gifts
Above are a few examples of the products that are available for gifting. There are literally hundreds of these products and they are treasured by the recipients. Be sure and download our catalog for a current listing of available items.
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 Mouse Pads, available in 1/8 in or 1/4 in thickness, 7 X 9 in, or 8 in round. Wine Boxes with full color slide, fits 750 ml wine bottle Ceramic mugs, 11 or 15 oz, White, Black or several interior colors Desk Name Plates, 2 X 9.5 in, full color insert Cutting boards are available in many sizes and shapes.  Call for more information. Many Clocks are available, round,  square, or wooden framed as shown. Tile Frames are available in maple, cherry and fit 4 X 4 or 6 X 6 ceramic tiles. High Gloss, heart shaped, square or rectangle with ceramic tile or wood inserts. Plush interior. Golf Shirts & T-Shirts, Adult, female, and youth sizes available. Ceramic two sided Holiday ornaments come in round, oval, star, bell or tree shaped.