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ceramic tile murals
Ceramic tile murals are beautiful to see. Full color photographic quality images are imprinted into the surface of the tile for an enduring image that will be beautiful for many years. The first mural above hangs in the lobby of the Hudson, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce and is admired daily by its visitors.
The New Richmond Centre also uses ceramic tiles to recognize donors who have donated funds for this vibrant organization. The donor wall consists of 4"X4", 8"X8" and 12"X12" tiles. The images imprinted on the tiles are photographs, artwork, and company logos and are a point of pride for all the members of the Centre.
Smaller framed tile murals can be created using your favorite photograph, portrait or drawing using various sizes of tiles. This process actually makes the subject look better than the original. You and your friends will be impressed. Call us for a quotation.

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